The Story of the Bunnies Mascot

Retro Bunnies Mascot

Fisher High School received its nickname the “Bunnies” during the 1933-34 basketball season. Harold Cagle and Ward Meneely wore a rabbit’s foot on their belts during the Paxton Holiday Tournament. Soon the entire team, coached by Clyde Campbell, was wearing them for good luck. Eddie Jacquin, a sports writer for the Champaign News Gazette, is given credit for naming Fisher the “Bunny Boys” in an article he wrote describing Fisher’s victory over Rantoul in the championship game. The legend of the Bunny Boys was so strong after this game Fisher adopted Eddie Jacquin's descriptive team nickname permanently. Shortly after, it was decided to shorten the name to just Bunnies and has remained that way to this very day. The pride in being a Bunnie has only grown stronger with time and today you will often hear people say, “Once a Bunnie, always a Bunnie.”

The "original" Bunny Boys: 1933-34 Fisher HS Basketball Team

The Original Bunny Boys