Fisher High School Class of 2020 Alternative Graduation Plan

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Fisher High School Graduation Plans 2020

The following alternative plan for the Class of 2020 Graduation has been made in an effort to both create and capture the priceless moments that a normal graduation ceremony would provide.  We are putting an emphasis on the moment the graduates receive their diplomas as well as the moment when they are presented as the Class of 2020.  This plan allows for as many people as possible to witness those moments and share in the excitement with the graduates, while following the health guidelines set forth by the state of Illinois and local health departments.  

  • Sunday, May 17, 2:00 pm - Fisher High School Parking Lots

  • Schedule of Events:

    • Graduates will be in vehicles with their immediate family.
    • Graduate vehicles will be lined up on the north side of the building, with the line of vehicles wrapping around the building using the west side driveway.
    • Graduates will be allowed to have a second vehicle of people who can view the moment when their name is announced and they receive their diploma.  These people must remain in their vehicle.
    • The two vehicles should be side by side in the line.
    • When the graduate’s car reaches the entrance door by the library, the graduate will be directed by a staff member to exit the vehicle. Family members may also exit their vehicle, but they should remain by the vehicle.  
    • Any person outside of their vehicle should wear a mask when social distancing can’t take place
    • The graduate’s name will be announced, they will be directed to pick up their diploma from the table and proceed to the photo opportunity under the “Fisher High School” sign on the building.
    • Following the pictures, the graduate will be directed back to his/her vehicle, and they will be directed to circle around the building and pull into the West parking lot to stage for the presentation of the class moment and parade.  
    • Each graduate will have 30-60 seconds to have their name announced, pick up their diploma, take their picture, and return to their vehicle.
    • The graduate’s second vehicle will be directed to exit the campus onto Route 136 
  • PRESENTATION OF THE CLASS OF 2020 - West gravel parking lot

    • Once all of the graduate’s vehicles have pulled into the West parking lot, while standing beside their cars, they will be directed to turn their tassels together at the same time, and they will be announced and presented as the Class of 2020!!!

  • PARADE - through the streets of Fisher starting at approximately 3:00 pm

  • A video will be made including student and administration addresses, recognition of graduate awards, as well as video highlights from the parade, presentation of the class, and the graduates receiving their diplomas.  The video will be released upon completion.

  • An alternative date will be used in the event of poor weather conditions on May 17 - tba