High School Extracurricular Registration
From: Jon Kelly, High School Athletic Director
All athletic registration for Fisher High School athletes will now be completed online. To access the Fisher HS Athletic
webpage go to Hover over the “Senior High Athletics” tab and click on “HS Sports Homepage.” Once
you are there click on the “REGISTRATION” tab and you can begin the process. Below is step-by-step instructions and a
couple of FAQs.
INSTRUCTIONS for online registration:
1) Access the Fisher HS Athletic webpage by going to
2) Hover over the “Senior High Athletics” tab and click on “HS Sports Homepage.”
3) Click on the “REGISTRATION” tab.
4) Log in using your email address and your own password. To create a Log In, use a personal email account and
create a password. You will be sent an email to confirm your identification and you will then be able to log in.
5) Once you are at the Homepage, you will see “New Activity Updates” where announcements will be posted to
help users. On the right side are buttons that allow you to use the website. If you ever change your contact
information, you will need to edit your information by clicking the “Participants & Registrations” button.
6) Click on “Begin Registration.”
7) Step 1 – Select an Activity. Pick the activity you want to register your student for.
8) Step 2 – Select a Participant. Select the student. To add a new student click on “+ Add A New Participant.”
9) If a New Participant: Step 3 - You will need to provide Contact and Emergency Information.
10) If a Returning Participant: Step 3 – Reviewing the primary Parent/Guardian information.
11) Step 4 simply reminds you to have a current Physical on file. Please turn in a copy of your updated physical to
your coach before the start of the season.
12) Step 5 – Click on each of the Legal Forms. Read them and then at the bottom of the page, click on the box next to
Parent / Guardian and then click “Accept”. Once you have completed each form, a green arrow will appear
underneath the small image of each form.
13) Some documents will require for both the Parent and Participant to view and accept the form.
14) Step 6 – Pay Athletic Fee. You can use your checkbook to pay online. Or you can use a Debit/Credit Card as well
for an additional service fee. If you would rather pay at the school, click on the “Alternate Payment (CODE)”
button. Type into the Code box “PAYATSCHOOL” and in the Comment box state the date you will bring the
payment to the school. The only two ways to pay the Athletic Fee is to pay online or to bring a check/cash to
the High School office. Coaches are not to collect Athletic Fees.
Q: What do I turn into the coach?
A. If you are playing a sport/activity for the first time in the school year, you will need to turn in a
current physical. In most cases you will not need to turn anything into the coach unless the coach
as some additional expectations (team rules, money for shoes, etc.).
Q: What if I don’t want to pay online?
A. You have two options for paying your Athletic Fee: 1) Pay online using a checkbook or credit card,
or 2) bring a cash/check payment to the High School Office.
Q: When is the deadline to turn all items in?
A. All participants must have a current physical, athletic fee, and online registration completed by the
second day of practice. Participants will not be allowed to practice until all 3 items are completed.
Q: Do I have to pay an Athletic Fee for every sport?
A. No. The Fisher School district has a 2 sport cap on Athletic Fees. Any students participating in a
third, fourth (or more) sport will not need to pay an Athletic Fee.
Q: I don’t have a computer. How can I register online?
A. You can make arrangements with the High School office to come in and complete the Online
Registration any time between 8 AM – 4 PM on school days. Coaches can also provide access to
school computers during the Parents Meeting.
Q: When can I register online?
A. Right now! You can register for any activity once the new school year opens online in July. You do
not have to wait until the beginning of the season to register.